Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hopping Mad

I think its da latest craze to hit SL....bunnehs! Either that or its a clever ploy for da bunnehs to take over the entire SL world by being cute (hey, dats a kitteh's job) and breeding well....like bunnehs. After Wes showed us his bunneh enclosure and explained how to breed then, feeds, different types, Joshie, Jarrod and Zee went and got themselves a pair each. There are 3 enclosures on the beach now for them to breed. Now just after one day those critters have already multiplied, horny aren't they. Well at least Zee managed to get his black bunneh, Evil. Well thats its name, wether its evil or not is yet to be seen. Joshie's pair, Binxy and Fitzy have produced 2 babies so far and one of dem is called Juzzy *aww* He's a classic harlequin, chocolate-magpie wif dark brown eyes and upright ears.

All I can says is its lucky for dem that I don't have a taste for bunnehs....but those ducks over there are a different matter *licks lips*

1 comment:

  1. *hehe* - yeah, cute they are, but... I guess it's the same as with the chickens/vulos: Get them for free, but then spend looooooooots of money for buying food and all the other stuff. I wished, *I* had that business-idea! Would already been SL-billionaire!

    huggz, bro! When will you visit us? We don't have bunnies, but some dragonflies, sparkling fireflies and cuuuuute brothers to offer!