Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the good, the bad and the distracted

relaxing at Miki's lake

The last couple of days have been good and bad.

The good: catching up wif Joshie, Jarrod, Miki, Kyne...briefly wif Aki. I luv mah kittehs to bitz.
Visiting Ulthoriea as a stand in dancer for Joshie and getting lost in da spacestation on the way to the club. Wasn't many people there but I got to meet Nero and Logan, and hear Wes and Alic discussing plans to breed bunnehs *grinz*
Finding out 'Irish potatoes' aren't potatoes that come from Ireland...nuuu not the stuff you make mash wif *giggles*

The bad: finding out that Very may not be back again...ever...due to RL issues

But one must move forward, I wuz gonna say something meaningful but I've seem to lost my train of thought.

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