Monday, March 1, 2010

the 15th night

There's a full moon in the sky. Tonight marks the 15th and last day/night of chinese new year and there are brightly lit lanterns everywhere. There's a procession of the gods thru town as well. Several brightly decorated floats wif da deities in them winding thru the streets amidst a sea of spectators and incense. All this would be well and good if the authorities had planned the route and cosures of the streets properly. Now the traffic in Penang is already pretty bad with a lot of bad drivers and motobikes but tonight it was chaos. Took us nearly an hour to get out of town after going round in circles, dodging cars, motorbikes and even busses.

My moneh's all spent, my suitcases almost busting at the seams. I'm now ready to return home to Sydney....missin you all *huggs n licks*

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