Thursday, February 25, 2010

ties that bind

I just had the most beautiful time just lying on our loungers by the beach chatting wif Joshie *purrrrrrrz*. We've come to a conclusion that we're more than just best friends and brothers, but much more than that. He's my anamchara or soul friend in Gaelic. Its a word that a long time friend introduced to me. She was my anamchara too. Smetimes there are things that bind us together no matter how far the other person may be. It's things this profound that makes me get lost in thought.................

Monday, February 22, 2010

a trip down memory lane

I'm surrounded by the booms and blasts of what sounds like hundreds of guns and canons firing. Nuuuuuu i'm not in sum battlezone. Its from the hundreds if not millions of fireworks going up in the air for the past hour or so from all directions around me. Tonight is the 8th day of the chinese new year and the hokkien chinese celebrates the birthday of the Jade Emperor (google it). He's like the ruler of heaven according to the taoist beliefs.

This night an altar will be set up at each participating household and laden with food, sweets, fruit, tea, stacks of paper money to be burnt as an offering and sugarcane which is particularly significant cuz in ancient times the hokkien peoples were being attacked on chinese new year day so they ran and hid in the sugarcane plantations and prayed to the Jade Emperor to rescue them. On the 8th day their prayers were answered.

paper money

Anyways all this brings back the memories of my childhood when my grandma would set up an elaborate altar. There would be a whole roast suckling pig, roast ducks, steamed chickens, sticky new year cakes, candies, a sugar pagoda, lots of fruits and of course sugarcane. The best thing was that we get to eat it all afterwards.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rawwwwwrrrrr.... a tiger
One of the porcelain panels decorating the wall of a temple in Penang

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kitteh Holiday

Greeting from Malaysia and sawadeekup from Thailand

Well so far apart from a lil trouble that I created before I left that gave me a couple of sleepless nights *winks @ Miki-san*, my holiday have been going well. No lost luggage, no delays, food poisoning, etc. Just been eating, sleeping, shopping and getting pampered like a kitteh should. Wish Joshie was here wif me, his fashion advice would be indispensable oh and on that note Very too *sigh*. So far I've just had a foot massage which the masseuse threw in some hand and shoulder treatment as well, mebbe she likes me, heh .Now I've gotta book in for an oil massage later. Oh and I tried the fish spa where you stick your feet in a pool of lil fishies and they eat the dead skin off your feet. I keeps looking into the pool and thinking that I should be da one eating them and not th other way around *grinz* but it left my feet oh so smooth and soft after a long day's shopping.

Speaking of fishies I'm off to find some for my din. Catch ya laterzzzz. Huggs n licks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

year of the tiger

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, Kung Hei Fat Choi (or at least to my asian friends who celebrate it) and to the rest of you happi Valentines. I'll be away for the next 2 weeks and a bit visiting family in Malaysia celebrating new years as I remember it as a lil kitten....I haven't celebrated as such in over 20 years so I'm expectin it to be huge. Besides that I'm going to have a kitteh holiday in general, lots of eating sleeping and shopping! =^.^=

Friday, February 12, 2010

Urban Dictionary

So at last this kitteh came across and looked his name up amongst other things. This is what he found, copy and pasted here:

1. A fine fine piece of ass with a huge dick (lolz)
2. A man thats more than man. who likes to punch douchers in the face. who is a mild racist but some of his best friends are white. he loves herbs. and loves being liberated

1. Joshua is a sexy, masculine individual exuding the most desirable of traits. Although Joshua may be timid at first, his genuine and compassionate charm shine through above all things. He can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He is the epitome of a true man.

2. A boyfriend who cooks, cleans, pays, and drives.

3. The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He can be sweet and sensitive and overprotective all at once. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. He doesn't cuss every other word, in fact he tries not to cuss at all. He may be mistaken for an emo, but really he is just not afraid to share his emotions. He is human unlike what most guys want you to believe. He is a hard worker by nature, but he never has to work very hard to make his boyfriend smile. He loves those people in his heart like there is no tomorrow. He is attractive but his personality is absolutely stunning and unique. He treats girls with the upmost respect. Loyal he will be, honesty is the best policy for him. A good friend he is, he can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough.He is a friend to keep, and a guy to love. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He can be spontaneous, but he prefers to ask your preference before doing anything that could possibly be upsetting or taken the wrong way, he is the ultimate man!

1. The most awesome guy u will ever meet. He is everything u can ever imagine. Plus he has a big penis
2. A fucking crazy guy with a great attitude towards life 
he knows how to treat a girl and his dick is hugeeee

1. A Straightforward, honest, and caring person.
2. A person that is very inteligent and wise but is misunderstood literally and figuratively.

New Moon in japanese

Crazy ass spontaneous person... funny and sensetive... and always smiles

A nickname for a person who is often considered a slut. You can often find spankis on a bus on the way to a town were no one knows them or at a friends house hiding from there parents. Spankis are induviduals who do things there own way (witch explains the I instead of a Y) and don't care who they hurt on the way of getting wat they want. Spankis often find ways to come to your house and eat all your food and then leave. They are often really attractive but for some reason date the ugliest people. They make good "friends" most of the time but not usually. If you meet a spanki my suggestion is to just leave them alone unless u feel like having a pointless, random, on and off, but fun friendship. Spankis are also usually friends with twitches. Both are people who worship jonah falcon becouse of their weird obsession with penis.

1. The coolest guy this side of the Milky Way
2. really gay (really?? =^.^=)

This kid is ninja. Like really. Don't even try it.

1. to be superior in all ways, shapes or forms
2. One who partys hard, and has tons of friends..and is loved by most.
3. v. the act of becoming so cool that it is impossible to not be talked about, in a good way.

Byez to Backdraft pt.2

Joshie had the coverage on the final party at Backdraft on his blog at Kitten Box and I couldn't have put it better myself, so watcha waitin for, head on over there and chack it out. Check him out too while you're there, he's such a smexy kitteh *licccks n smooches*

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bruised feelings

What I'm feeling now....

Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water (Adam K Vocal Mix)

I thought I would not let my guard down that easily but I was wrong. Now there are some areas you should not have gotten yourself into. Some have gone down that path already and you've had to help them up when they fall. You know the consequences...will you neva learn kitteh? Will you neva learn.

Monday, February 8, 2010

bai baii Backdraft

So the sun sets on Blaze as we hold the last event at Backdraft sim tomorrow evening, Sunday 7pm *sniff*. Jarrod and Jonathan had to let it go cuz of financial difficulties. So sad. This is one club I really felt I belonged in and have a strong loyalty for. But I suppose all good things must come to an end. I'll be jobless again...hmm, better curb mah shopping habits, heh.

This party will be held in the empty sim, nuthin else around, just the dancefloor as you see it here, good tunes, good company. So lets go out wif a bang!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Juz in four states of "sit"

I shopped, I got tired/distracted, I sat....all while looking for sum skins at Lost Gods, or was it Fallen Gods....tsk, bad kitteh memory....well enough rambling, I just thought I'd share sum pics

All hail the mushroom king!

Nuuuu can't have dat catnip...ish mine, dun you look at me like dat

I love how I turn a healthy shade of pink when I sat down next to this baby unicorn

Playing Pechebel's canon in D and luvin the sunlight streaming in