Sunday, March 21, 2010


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazer kitteh

Oh hai!!

I duz a liddlol chair dans fur ur nawt-sekkund

wigglol, wigglol, waiv deh armz!
tappity toes, wigglol, waive,
Jazz pawz!!!

Poor kitteh running afta da lazer but LMAO!

Thankies to

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hopping Mad

I think its da latest craze to hit SL....bunnehs! Either that or its a clever ploy for da bunnehs to take over the entire SL world by being cute (hey, dats a kitteh's job) and breeding bunnehs. After Wes showed us his bunneh enclosure and explained how to breed then, feeds, different types, Joshie, Jarrod and Zee went and got themselves a pair each. There are 3 enclosures on the beach now for them to breed. Now just after one day those critters have already multiplied, horny aren't they. Well at least Zee managed to get his black bunneh, Evil. Well thats its name, wether its evil or not is yet to be seen. Joshie's pair, Binxy and Fitzy have produced 2 babies so far and one of dem is called Juzzy *aww* He's a classic harlequin, chocolate-magpie wif dark brown eyes and upright ears.

All I can says is its lucky for dem that I don't have a taste for bunnehs....but those ducks over there are a different matter *licks lips*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I nearly peed mahself laffin when I saw dis *giggle*

Thankes to for da pic

the good, the bad and the distracted

relaxing at Miki's lake

The last couple of days have been good and bad.

The good: catching up wif Joshie, Jarrod, Miki, Kyne...briefly wif Aki. I luv mah kittehs to bitz.
Visiting Ulthoriea as a stand in dancer for Joshie and getting lost in da spacestation on the way to the club. Wasn't many people there but I got to meet Nero and Logan, and hear Wes and Alic discussing plans to breed bunnehs *grinz*
Finding out 'Irish potatoes' aren't potatoes that come from Ireland...nuuu not the stuff you make mash wif *giggles*

The bad: finding out that Very may not be back again...ever...due to RL issues

But one must move forward, I wuz gonna say something meaningful but I've seem to lost my train of thought.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We need your help!

A friend of mine, Jonathan Schenkel, is starting up a new business selling gift cards. Dats right a central shop where you can purchase gift cards as gifts for that special someone in your life. No more going to several different stores to hunt down their gift cards. So help him out by doing a lil survey and be in the running to win a prize of L$2000 as well!

Here's a note from Jon:


I have created an online survey to gather information on products and services you wish to see in my new business
.:[The Gift Card Shop]:. It is only 10 questions and will be quick to complete.

If you leave your name and complete the survey by March 12, 2010 you will be entered to win one of 3 prizes of 2,000L$

Here is the link:

Please distribute this notecard widely to all your friends!

If you're able to help me further, you can post my survey and a few notes on your blog or website so other people can give it a try!

Monday, March 1, 2010

the 15th night

There's a full moon in the sky. Tonight marks the 15th and last day/night of chinese new year and there are brightly lit lanterns everywhere. There's a procession of the gods thru town as well. Several brightly decorated floats wif da deities in them winding thru the streets amidst a sea of spectators and incense. All this would be well and good if the authorities had planned the route and cosures of the streets properly. Now the traffic in Penang is already pretty bad with a lot of bad drivers and motobikes but tonight it was chaos. Took us nearly an hour to get out of town after going round in circles, dodging cars, motorbikes and even busses.

My moneh's all spent, my suitcases almost busting at the seams. I'm now ready to return home to Sydney....missin you all *huggs n licks*